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members only s14

We’re back with another ROWDY Loyalty Member ONLY giveaway! This S14 Silvia appears to be a tame weekend cruiser but under the hood the ICONIC SR20DET has been stroked to 2.2L and makes a MIND BLOWING 400kw at 29psi! With a PPG gearset you’ll have no issue putting that power to the ground!

For less than $5 a week you’ll be in this and all our other EPIC giveaways!



Fit your ride with the toughest street or race wheels valued at up to $1,580 USD. Kansei Wheels offers performance aftermarket wheels designed with 90’s vibes and modern construction to keep them light and aggressive. 


Rolling on SPICY Work VSKF Wheels this Kouki 240SX will turn heads everywhere you take it! It’s covered in rare JDM aero and parts including a Nardi Steering Wheel, Dmax Roof Wing and the Genuine JDM Lip Kit to finish it off. Featuring the sought after VCT SR20DET making 250hp with a Nistune ECU this is not one to miss!

R34 GTR v-spec II

Under the hood the iconic RB26DETT features premium parts including the sought after HKS -9 Twin Turbos and HKS V-Cam! All controlled by a Haltech Elite 2500 this genuine V-Spec II puts out a tasteful 320kw at all 4 wheels!!


Under the hood it features a blacktop SR20DET paired with a Mamba 2871 Turbo and all the supporting mods from only the best brands! Making 240kw at 18psi this S13 doesn’t just look amazing it BLAZES tyres!


Featuring a built SR20DET with Tomei forged pistons making an impressive 415hp! Backing that up it’s paired with a RB25 gearbox with billet selectors and R33 GTR Brembo Brakes! Painted in the Silver Moss Metallic and sitting on 18×9.5 Rays 21A’s this S14 Silvia is immaculate and will have your mates GLUED to the passenger seat!


Covered in Calais goodies, painted in Morning Blue and rolling on signature 20” Simmons you just can’t go wrong with a Holden VL Turbo! 😈 With a Nistune ECU, ARP Head Studs and Bosch 044 Fuel Pump this VL has all mods to allow you turn it up!


Under the hood is an RB20DET with 6Boost Manifold, Garrett GT3076R Turbo & External Gate that sounds INSANE! Rolling on Work Emotion T7R Wheels with perfect fitment this R32 Skyline snaps necks and sounds great doing it!


Its built SR20DET paired with a Garrett GTX3071 Turbo makes power with EASE!! Controlled by a Haltech PS1000 ECU running flex fuel this S13 is rowdy & puts all that power down through its upgraded Z32 Gearbox Conversion!

Silvia s15

Under the hood it features a built SR20DET filled with Tomei goodies & a PREMIUM Garrett GTX2867R Turbo! Built & Tuned by Haltech themselves this S15 has the whole Haltech catalogue! Putting all that power to the ground is a premium Mazworx CD009 Conversion, Nismo twin plate clutch & Hankook RS4 Tyres; With Brembo brakes all round to balance out all that power!


Its 2L F20X Engine features a Stage 2 Science of Speed Supercharger Kit with water to air intercooler paired with a Haltech Platinum Pro ECU! Making 230kw at the wheels on pump 98 it’s more than enough power to absolutely SHOCK your passengers and be the perfect weekend cruiser!


Don’t let the extremely low 63,500kms, Full N1 Kit and stunning HKS Emerald Green paint job fool you! Under the hood this R32 GTR features a fully HKS built 2.8L stroker RB26DET that revs to a MIND BLOWING 9000RPM and makes a CRAZY 460kw at the WHEELS! Its HKS Turbo and exhaust system make some of the most insane RB noises we’ve ever heard! Head to the photos and specs section for the FULL rundown.

aerotop supra

Under the hood its 2JZGTE has the works and features a stunning custom HyperTune intake, Garret G35-1050 turbo & HKS titanium race exhaust! Making 800hp this HIGHWAY MONSTER is rolling on TE37s with Nankang AR-1s putting ALL that power to the ground.


Featuring a Traum bodykit in a mirror finish fresh coat of jet black paint this JZX100 Mark II is sitting pretty on RARE Rays Gramlight 57 Pro Wheels with HKS Coilovers giving it that perfect fitment! Covered in JDM goodies head over to the Specs and Info section for the full rundown!


This S14 Silvia appears to be a tame weekend cruiser but under the hood the ICONIC SR20DET has been stroked to 2.2L and makes a MIND BLOWING 400kw at 29psi! With a PPG gearset you’ll have no issue putting that power to the ground!

2.2l evo 5

The 600HP king of the mountains Evo V. Paired with its aggressive exterior it features a fully built 2.2L with Manley stroker kit pushing a CRAZY 35PSI through its Garret G35-900 Turbo! From its Billet crankshaft to Camtech camshafts this engine has had the WORKS!


This Immaculate NSX R Tribute making 280kw on pump gas, FULLY restored and covered in EXTREMELY rare NSX-R parts! Or This KANG F250 Platinum making 300kw at a CRAZY 1600nm of torque! With every PREMIUM optional extra possible!


Revving to a mind boggling 10,000RPM and pushing 55PSI through the Precision 8085 Gen 3 Turbo and a fully forged Nitto 2.8L built by Motorsport Mechanical, this is the real deal. We almost kept this one… But we just had to give you the opportunity to own this absolutely insane build!


Covered in RARE sought after parts including Infini Bucket Seats, Mazdaspeed Lip Kit & Mazda Option Boot Spoiler just to name a few, this Series 5 FC RX7 is a collectors DREAM!! Warranted, Registered & Certified this 13B single turbo engine is ready to be turned into a brap MONSTER or kept in its amazing low kilometres condition as a weekend cruiser!


Rolling on Work Meister S13Ps wheels with tasteful carbon trim additions this blue FD RX7 is more than its STUNNING exterior! Under the hood is an Ape Racing Bridgeported 13B paired with a Pulsar G35 turbo making a ROWDY 420kw at the rear wheels!! And that’s just scratching the surface of the specs and mods listed below!


Everyone wants a Midnight Purple R34 GTR! Being the pinnacle of JDM race cars, this R34 GTR has a value of over $200,000! It features a HKS Turbo Kit with a Garrett Turbo pushing a super streetable 380kws all controlled with the premium Haltech 2500 ECU!


A Honda purist dream this Civic makes 176kw from its overbuilt K24 engine! Paired with a custom header back exhaust it sounds amazing hitting V-tec from 5200rpm all the way to 8500RPM! If that’s not enough check out the specs and mods and you’ll see it’s more than ready to have a turbo and tune to make SCARY power!!


This one of a kind FD RX7 will turn heads anywhere you take it! Leave your friends in envy with this SLAMMED Series 8 FD RX7, rolling on ULTRA RARE Blitz 03 Wheels with airbag suspension from AirBTF making that fitment PERFECT at all times! 

Silvia s14

This SLAMMED S14 speaks for itself, boasting an immaculate interior with spicy GENUINE RECARO Confetti seats and a high mount GARRET TURBO making 320kw this is not one to miss!!


Resprayed in Super White, rolling on Work Meister SP1 wheels with Carbonetics Carbon Fibre additions all round this R32 GTR is IMMACULATE! Under the hood its RB26 features a 6boost manifold, Precision 6266 Turbo and all the supporting mods for an extremely responsive 330KW, making this the perfect weekend cruiser or track MONSTER!

NZ 180sx

This genuine 180sx Type X is rolling on XT7 Work Wheels with adjustable Tein coilovers to make that fitment perfect! This 180sx has an immaculate interior and only the essential mods such as a Tomei Expreme Ti Cat Back Exhaust and a Koguchi Power Bonnet that gives it a clean finishing touch!

awd s15

This is your opportunity to own one of Australia’s best built street cars! Not only is this a sought after Spec R S15, but it has full GTR running gear which includes fully forged RB25 making 800HP and an All Wheel Drive system creating one of the most unique S15’s ever!


Featuring a full genuine Z-Tune kit giving it that ultimate race look. It is sitting on the gangster Nismo LMGT4’s and has a rare Nur Spec Catback Exhaust making this a one amazingly clean example of an R34 GTR.


Featuring premium parts from brands like Garret, Nismo, Tomei and GReddy this S14 Silvia is making 225kw with ease from its freshly rebuilt SR20DET! Slammed on Work XD9 wheels with a fresh pearl white paint job it’s the perfect weekend cruiser!


Rolling on Work XT7 wheels with perfect fitment from its BC Coilovers this tastefully modded Efini RX7 is ready to be turned into a flame spitting monster or kept as a stunning weekend cruiser!


This R32 GTR built by JMA Automotive to the highest of standards features a fully forged Nitto RB26DET making a STUPID 800awhp!! With a Garret G35-1050 Turbo and all the supporting mods you could dream of (check out the specs list!) this R32 GTR gets on SONG while its Rays Gram Lights & Mickey Thompson Rs 275s all round put down all that power!!


When it comes to R34 GTR’s, you can’t really go wrong! These two spicy units are covered in rare and sought after parts, but all the while keeping a tasteful OEM+ build.

But now it’s time to ask… Which one will you choose?


Tastefully modified with only the best brands and parts including a Mugen Intake & Twin Loop Exhaust that allow Its B18 engine to come to life revving to 9000RPM! Its immaculate Type R interior, Recaro seats & full service history make it a purists dream!!


Its fully built K20 engine features a Precision 6466 turbo and all the supporting mods to make 800hp at 32PSI!! Its Quaife 5-speed sequential gearbox allows this legendary NSX to put down all that power with ease! And that’s just scratching the surface of the parts listed in the specs and mods!

NZ S15

Featuring only premium parts from brands like Kakimoto, Hardrace, Fenix & Nismo this famous S15 Silvia is rolling on Work XT7 Wheels with a tasteful 326 Power lip kit and D-Max boot wing to suit! It’s ready for you to turn up or keep it as the perfect weekend show car!

AU S15

Featuring an Apexi Exhaust, GReddy Intercooler & full Spec R GT Kit including Aero Spoiler; This turbo S15 Silvia is on BC Coilovers tucking OG Bronze TE37s and is ready for you to turn up or keep it as the perfect weekend warrior!


Being such a sought after car, this R34 GTR would make the perfect collectors piece or base to turn into a highway monster! 😈 Tastefully modded with ultra rare JDM parts from brands like Z-tune, Apexi & Tomei, head over the the specs and mods to read more.

Toyota AE86 (MEMBERS)

In true KIR Fashion, we only give away the spiciest of Japanese Cars, and this Trueno AE86 Corolla is no exception! 😍 With those crazy Custom Headers, Drivers Bucket Seat, and Immaculate paintwork, she’s the perfect turn key mountain cruiser!


Making 600HP at 18PSI this SPICY Toyota JZX100 Mark II features a built 2JZ paired with a Precision 6266 turbo! Blazing tyres with ease through its upgraded driveline and Samsonas Sequential 6-speed gearbox!


This R32 GTR build has had no corners cut and features a stunning shaved bay, tucked loom/hoses and a windows out full respray!

Making 1023awhp at 40psi, its Garrett G42 Turbo gets on SONG while banging gears the HKS Holinger 6 Speed Dog Box puts down all that power! And that’s just scratching the surface of the parts listed in the specs and mods!


We’ve kept this one clean, making 350KW at all 4 wheels thanks to the Trust Greddy Turbos, HKS Exhaust and Power FC ECU! Not only that, she’s sitting pretty on some timeless RPF1 wheels and Tein Coilovers!


Making 335HP at all 4 wheels thanks to the Apexi Turbos, HKS Exhaust and Link ECU! Not only that, she’s sitting pretty on some timeless RPF1 wheels and Tein Coilovers!


Its exterior has $50,000 worth of Top Secret carbon fibre & rare Nismo wheels. Under the hood is the HKS catalogue featuring the ultra rare HKS Intake & high-flow turbos! Its interior is tastefully trimmed in Carbon and the dash is wrapped in Alcantara suede complimenting Hiroshi Tamuras signature! And that’s just scratching the surface of the parts listed in the specs and mods!


Slammed on $7000 LMGT-4s & Shockworks coilovers this S15 Silvia features a tastefully modded exterior including Ganadors, Aero Kit and DMAX Tail lights! Its simple bolt ons make it the perfect weekend warrior or a great base to turn up the POWER!!


Making a ROWDY 550kw from its 2JZ!! Under the hood of this highway MONSTER Supra features a BIG single Precision 6766 Turbo with premium supporting mods from Hypertune, Turbosmart & Haltech!

With a $30,000 Midnight Purple 3 paint job unlike any other!! Its tidy fitment on its 18” Wedsports and covered in Carbon accents its SPICY exterior matches its ROWDY engine and that’s just scratching the surface!


Making a respectable 600HP from its Forged RB26DET with a big single Garrett GT3582R Turbo this R33 GTR features HKS 272 Cams, 6 boost manifold & 3-3.5 Inch Stainless Exhaust and sounds ROWDY!!


This genuine 180sx Type X is rolling on Bronze TE37s with adjustable coilovers and suspension arms to make that fitment perfect! Under the hood is the almighty blacktop SR20DET with T28 Ball Bearing Turbo and all the supporting mods you could need to turn it up!!

NZ fd rx7 (SOLD OUT)

Making 410hp at the wheels this FD RX7 Series 7 features a BRAND NEW Crate Engine with a Borgwarner S361sxe Turbo, all the Turbosmart Goodies & Link G4X ECU controlling it!
Rolling on Rays 57C6 wheels with custom Fortune Auto Coilovers its tidy exterior is matched by its immaculate interior.

R34 GTR V-Spec (Sold out)

Making 550kw with EASE from its HKS Built 2.8L RB26DETT this R34 GTR V-Spec stands up to its LEGENDARY history and is our biggest giveaway to DATE!

aus fd rx7 (SOLD OUT)

This FD RX7 Could be yours!! With a freshly Rebuilt 13b Rotary, 18″ Rays Wheels, Tein Coilovers and a Autoexe Catback exhaust for all of the BRAPS!

hks r32
(Sold out)

Redlining at 9000RPM this 460kw RB26 built by HKS will have your mates glued to the seat in fear!

Under the hood it features a Stage 2 HKS RB26 stroked to 2.8L! And its supporting mods include a HKS turbo, HKS Exhaust Manifold, HKS Wastegate, HKS Intercooler and HKS Intake to feed this POWERHOUSE of an engine!


Our first New Zealand only giveaway!

This SPICY S15 Silvia with the iconic SR20DET Engine and 6-Speed manual is the perfect base to turn into a track monster or keep on the road as a weekend cruiser.

S15 spec r gt
(Sold out)

This S15 Spec R GT with Pearl white paint, full Aero kit and Sunroof makes it 1 of 30 in this spec! with the addition of Dmax Tail Lights, Mag Blue TE37sl’s and Tein coilovers this car looks the part!

With a G25 660 Turbo and all the supporting mods needed Its SR20DET is making 240rwkw @18psi on E85!


Just in case being the Rarest Spec RX7 in the world wasn’t enough, we’ve gone one better. With Rare Gloss Black TE37’s, Coilovers, and littered with Rare Discontinued RE-Amemiya goodies, this car is the ultimate backroads weekender!

(Sold out)

Tastefully modded with a Kakimoto Racing Exhaust, Cusco Coilovers & rolling on Panasport G7 (18×10.5) Wheels. This immaculate R32 GTR is the perfect base to turn into highway monster or to tuck away as a collectors piece!


Staying true to its Formula 1 Technology and pedigree we’ve tastefully modded it with a Fujitsubo Giken Titanium Exhaust, WedsSport Wheels & Shockworks Coilovers.


Slammed on 18″ Work Meister S1’s, covered in GTR parts and rare optional extras; this R32 Sedan is the ULTIMATE cruiser to take all your mates driving in style!


This Timeless FD RX7 featuring a Blitz Nur Spec Exhaust, Autoexe RAM Intake & Apexi Power FC! These RARE but simple bolt ons allow its 13B rotary engine to flow & easily make 300hp!


Previously owned & built by Australian drifting champion Beau Yates our AE86 features the iconic 4AGE engine with Individual Throttle Bodies, custom made headers & a Kakimoto Racing Exhaust!

Its authentic Japanese styling was approved by the Drift King (Keiichi Tsuchiya) himself after he took it for a drive & signed the glovebox! Adding to its many rare features/parts & making it an AE86 that everyone would dream of owning!


This rare R32 GTR is 1 of 362 Series 2 Skylines to come in (TH1) Metallic Blue! Its tasteful modifications include Ohlins coilovers, a HKS catback exhaust & 10.5″ Enkie RPF01 Wheels. Making it the perfect base to turn into a monster or keep in its original imported condition as a collectors piece!


Our 2022 Nissan Z is one of the first 100 Proto Z’s (Limited Edition) to arrive in Australia & we’ve modified it Keep it Reet style!

Wrapped Midnight Purple, Lowered on custom coilovers & rolling on discontinued Bronze Work VS-TX Wheels this new Z snaps necks! We’ve given the VR30DETT 3L Twin Turbo a full exhaust system allowing it to be tuned to 304kw on 98!!

2020 GR SUPRA​

Our 2020 GR Supra is the perfect mix of performance and driveability! With an upgraded intake/exhaust system and being the final year with a tuneable ECU it’s had the power turned up to 290kw on 98 pump gas! It’s also tastefully modded with a Full Carbon Zero Offset Lip Kit, Custom Shockworks Coilovers and Rare Panasport G7 Wheels!

507KW R32 GTR

Featuring a Full Engine rebuild with nothing but the best parts and brands its RB26 is ready for big POWER! Making 507kw at 30PSI from its Hypergear ATR43SS3 Pro Turbo and giant list of supporting mods this car lives up to its iconic history!

440hp rx7

This 440HP Single Turbo FD RX7 has the works! Featuring a Bridgeported Rotary engine with a Hypergear Turbo and only the best supporting mods money can buy. Wrapped Dandelion Yellow with TE37 Rims OG Bronze and plenty more tastefully done aesthetics this BEAST looks and sounds the part!


Our MONSTER Supra Giveaway features the almighty 2JZ with a giant list of modifications allowing its HUGE BorgWarner turbo to sing! With a TR6060 6 Speed Manual and Rolling Anti-Lag this Supra will have your mates terrified in the passenger seat!


With a fresh respray in the Factory Metallic Silver, Re-Trimmed Interior with Woodgrain Steering Wheel and Gear Knob it has a street presence like no other.


The 1994 Metallic Silver GTR featuring a HKS Catback Exhaust, Tien Super Street Coilovers & Volk RAYS TE37SL Rims!


The 1990 Gunmetal Grey GTR featuring Shockworks Coilovers & SSR Professor SP1 Rims!


This JDM ‘Black Edition’ GTR is sitting pretty on its 3 Piece Leon Hardiritt Wheels & Bilstien Coilovers. Tuned to 405kw on 98, this is the perfect daily we’ve all dreamt about!

Evolution VII

Featuring a moulded Voltex widebody kit & rolling on 18×11 Bronze TE37V wheels. Making almost 400awkw from its fully built engine and a Emtron Engine Management system.

480KW R32 GTR

This stunning R32 GTR is making 480awkw from its fully built RB26DET engine with plenty of bolt-ons including a 6boost Manifold, Garrett 3582 GTX Gen 2 Turbo and full titanium exhaust.

360KW Onevia

This stunning Onevia (s13 chassis with 180sx front end) features a built RB25DET from a skyline making 360rwkw this Drift Car is ready to slay tyres! This full track package comes with a trailer and a KIR Drift School day!

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