Who is Keep it Reet?

Welcome to the Keep It Reet US! Located in Australia, we’re all about living the drift dream – safely, legally, and with loads of fun. Hosting the Australian leg of the LZ World Tour? Yep, that was us, bringing some serious drift action down under.

This year we’re hitting the road in the US, touring and attending drift events across the States while selling our spicy merchandise. We’re here to bring a taste of Keep it Reet to the US drift scene and make some noise!

We love giving back – with over 100 giveaways in Australia and NZ, we’re all about spreading the chance to own iconic cars. Whether it’s our drift party events that mix adrenaline with laid back vibes or beginner days where newbies get to slide into the drift world, we’re here to make sure everyone has a blast.

Fancy a bit of friendly competition? Our drift comps are where it’s at, showcasing some mad skills. And it doesn’t stop there – our spicy merch and YouTube channel let you take a piece of Keep It Reet wherever you go, keeping you in the loop with all the epic moments.

In short, we’re here to have a good time, support the drift community, and share our passion for all things automotive and drifting. So, whether you’re a pro or just drift-curious, there’s a spot here for you!

Keep it Reet Giveaways

We’re thrilled to announce our expansion of our premium car giveaways from Australia & New Zealand to the United States & Canada!

With over 100 dream JDM car giveaways under our belt in Australia & New Zealand, Keep it Reet is now offering the United States & Canada the chance to own the cars of their dreams!! Ran from our headquarters in Australia we source and modify iconic cars to giveaway to our winners around the United States and Canada!

Our draws are only run for a limited time, meaning your chances have never been better to own the JDM car of your dreams!

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